The area is renowned for bohemian activities, the cult of the dead and witchcraft!

Legends of mystery and magic are not new to the eerie and isolated woodland, where a figure is reported stood overlooking the dark pond in which two children are said to have drowned many years ago.Ernest Wishart has said that the Madonna pond was haunted by a coach & horses which had ridden into the pond but never came out, and that the ruins of the original main house is haunted by a man in a top hat.

Legends have grown around this ancient atmosphere with its dark pond, fallen trees & the shrine to our lady, Speculation in the village of Binsted and near by Walberton mounted with reports of a shrine to the Virgin Mary being destroyed and replaced by a cross and feathers apparently a possible symbol of Voodoo brand black magic. These rumors have been described as “Absolute rubbish” by the women who erected the shrine in 1946 in memory of her mother, Mrs. E Wishart of Marsh Farm, Binsted. She reports the destruction of the shrine is just vandalism & has since replaced the damaged life size figure that was brought back from Italy & blessed by the pope. Many people report that when they pass the statue they get an eerie feeling, Dogs growl & whine at it, even Horse riders have a tough time passing as the horses suddenly become nervous.

“I’m a Psychic and was recently driven past a place called Binsted woods, I had a terrible feeling of dread and an insanity that I couldn't quite explain.... I also felt the presence of nuns or monks and all from driving past...! Possibly involving water or a large crash... just feels like being trapped and losing your mind... "

During an afternoon in winter 1997, Ian Short, a local metal detecting enthusiast was pursuing his hobby in Binsted woods, his detector went off so digging carefully with a trowel Ian noticed the top of a tin, he excavated it carefully to find a square tin box, when opened he discovered inside were pieces of a smashed plate, surrounded by paper entwined with nails, there was writing on the paper and on the ceramic debris, on reading the contents he dropped the items in horror, the curse unnerved him so much that he placed the whole lot back into the ground.
The Hexagon Archive (The resource set out to collect, catalogue and preserve esoteric knowledge and archaic cultural material. It also provides a serious platform for pagan/magical and mythological research.) Managed to piece together the smashed plate and came up with part of the curse:

"Jeanette Kirk may she be doomed forever. From now." &
"...........who brought us mental and physical anguish."
The rest proved indecipherable, Hidden as it was in such an obscure countryside location, it is likely that the curse was never meant to be found or indeed known about. One suspects that it was cast in genuine anguish bearing ill will towards the recipient.