We met up at the local public house for a hearty meal before venturing into Binsted Woods.I was the first to arrive followed by Gaynor, Carmela , Simon and Dan. We left the public house at approximately 22:00 and made our way along the A27 to the junction leading down to Binsted Woods. When we finally arrived it became apparent that we were not alone and met up with another paranormal group called Ghost 12. They seemed a friendly team so we joined forces with them for the evening! SPI has not done an investigation here for quiet some time. They seemed to know the area reasonably well. They had mention a clearing which seemed active and they had previously had good results at! We tried to find it following there directions but we were unsuccessful. We came back to where we had started which was the Madonna statue just next to the pond. They has break back at where they had parked further up the lane. We then rendouzed and walked up the muddy paths again to investigate jointly. It would transpire we had found the said gland of woods unknowingly walking past it.On this occasion there did not seem to be much activity SPI used Thermal imaging, Sony Nightvision camcorder, Canon Full spectrum camera, Mel Meter. It was pitch black and very disorientating which made finding the way back extremely difficult. We ended up going back a different way which ment a walk of a few miles. It seemed the path went on forever not sure how we had gone so wrong coming out it was almost like the place was trying to trap us. Anyway after nearly 2hrs of walking we finally made it onto Binsted Lane for the considerable walk back to our cars. In the time SPI has been operating we have never been lost a first for everything! We shall be well better prepared next time and not allow this to happen in future. We concluded our investigation at approximately 02:30.


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