I picked two my colleagues from Hastings and made my way up to the majestic area of of East Sussex. I had arranged to meet up with Dan, Gaynor, Simon at the local tavern. It was becoming apparent the weather was not favourable for filming or photographicevidence due the moisture and moist which was in obundance. It was cold enough to see your own breath. After a hearty meal and a brief meeting with my fellow investigators we decided to make our way down the narrow roads which lead to these ancient woods. We started our investigation at approximately 22.00hrs. This investigation saw the proper use of thermal imaging camera which had been purchased earlier this year.

We took lots readings throughout the area with the Mel Meter , we throughly documented our investigation with our full spectrum camera, camcorder. Gladwish which is a vast woods as we entered its depths this is a very dark place absent of any man made light. This adds to the atmosphere and charm of the place. Despite a detailed investigation of the area we found nothing sadly. We plane to return later this year to this fascinating location. We concluded our investigation at 00:30hrs

Results & Measurements.

Mel Meter Readings

Car Park

22:36 EMF 0.0mg

Temp 6°C

Main path leading to woods south east

22.45 EMF 0.0mg

Temp 4.2°C


23.14 EMF 0.0mg

Temp 5.1°C

Centre of woods

23.24 EMF 1.9mg

Temp 5.0°C

Photo's/Footage – Nothing found.

EVP's – Nothing captured.