We made my way from Hove along the A27 towards the historical East Sussex town of Hastings to collect two fellow investigators. We had decided to reinvestigate this strange wooded area. We eventually arrived at Bexhill and decided to go for a hearty meal before starting our investigation of

High Woods. We left the lovely warm public house and made our way along the narrow country roads towards High Woods eventually arriving with the absence of any street lighting it was pitch black. Started the investigation at approxmately 22:00 We disembarked the car and walked along one of the many paths at in these ancients woods which can easily get you lost if your not careful. We made numerours Mel meter temp/EMF measures and took lots of photo's of the area. It had been raining a number of days before and due to the canopy of the trees it was still muddy in certain areas. We made an extensive search of the area but were unable to find anything or encounter anything out of the ordinary. We decided to conclude our investigation for the night and finished at approximately 00:30 hrs. What a facinating area and well worth a revisit in the future.

We concluded our investigation at approximately 23.47hrs.
Measurements & Results
Mel meter EMF / Temp readings
22.30 Car park EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 23.0°C
22.36 Memorial bench EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 22.0°C
22.55 Wooded hut EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 20.0°C
23.21 Hanging tree EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 19.0°C
Photo’s / Footage –  Nothing found .
EVP – Nothing found !