The Highwoods in Bexhill is one of the few surviving examples of traditional coppiced woodlands left in East Sussex and consists of 87 acres of protected woodlands. When Lucie and I first started down our spiritual path we were told by our mentor that it's a bit of a hotspot for Occult activity in our area. In an effort to experience the way the Occult affects nature and environmental energy we set out into the woods one evening.

As soon as we arrived we could feel the woods buzzing with energy. We didn't see much in terms of human spirits, however we could feel that we were constantly surrounded by earth spirits.

We wandered though the forest for maybe 40 - 50 minutes before we had our first encounter. This was with a very angry spirit that demanded we leave and had no issue with forcing us to leave if required. We left its area and decided to head home. It was then we realised that the earth spirits were messing with our sense of direction.

We had only been travelling into the woods for 2 hours and every landmark we pasted along the way seemed to be leading us deeper into the woods rather than back to entrance which it should have. We ended up wandering around for 5 hours never seeing any one same place a second time.

Upon a further visit to the woods during daytime we found that its remarkably hard to ever get lost since all the paths are colour coded and you can walk around the complete forest via these paths within an hour so. Even today I cannot understand how we got so lost.

After sharing this story with Johan on our initial meeting he decided an SPI investigation was in order!