After rendezvousing with some fellow investigators in Hove. We made our way along the considerably long A27 towards the ancient town of Chichester in the majestic west Sussex countryside. We had decided to meet up with Sophie our latest addition to the team and a first investigation with us. It has been on SPI's radar to investigate Kingley Vale for a long time and it was all worth the wait. The public house we have decided to meet in was a fair distance from the site of Kingley Vale and of course navigating the in the dark with sat nav is never an exact science. We eventually arrived at Kingley Vale car park .

We started our investigation at approximately 23:30.

We made our way to the path that leads to these ancient woods. Despite it being summer it was extremely dark. Everyone one was excited about this investigation. We eventually arrived at the woods. We took numerous emf and temp readings,took lots of footage with full spectrum and IR cameras.

After exploring the woods further we came to a witches circle never actually seen one myself so an interesting find does not looks like it has been used recently. We all headed to a path north of the witches circle. To place that Sophie our newest medium believed to be hanging tree. I placed an REM pod which sounds like blood with dripping onto it from the tree. I had thoroughly tested it prior and after the investigation so not sure why it reacted like this. Very strange indeed. We made our way back to the car park and concluded our investigation at approximately 01:30am.

Measurements & Results.

Mel meter EMF / Temp readings
23.30 Car park EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 15.3°C
23.40 Memorial bench EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 13.9°C
23.50 Wooded hut EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 14.5°C
00.24 North clearing 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 13.4°C

01.07 Hanging tree EMF 0.0mg - Ambient Air Temp 15.7°C
Photo’s / Footage – Nothing found .
EVP – Nothing found !


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