I had arranged to pick up some fellow investigators on route from Hastings on the way to Chartham in Kent. This has been the first investigation we have carried out
which has been outside of Sussex for a while. After picking my colleagues I made by way through the lonely country roads towards Chartham. I had arranged
to meet up with the members of the team. We arrived at approximately 7pm at a local tavern and to enjoy a hearty meal before attempting to investigate this
massive site one the biggest SPI has ever done. Only half of the actual hospital exists today partially transformed into a housing estate. After leaving the local
public house we made our way to St Augustine’s hospital. We decided to stay together as team rather than split up. We started our investigation at approximately 22.00hrs.

We walked up the road that eventually arrives at the first building we made an extensive search of the area taking photo’s and video footage, along with the use of
latest piece of equipment a hand held thermal imager. I took numerous readings on my Mel Meter for EMF & temperature readings. After not finding anything in this first building we
made our way to the next one. Because it is a derelict building the flooring and general state was very poor so safety was extremely important. Despite thoroughly searching the other two building which lay
to the west of the main one we found nothing.

We decided to leave the supposedly most active part of St Augustines the gym. This building had a very different feel to it this could have been the fact the hall was massive
and empty but extremely dark. We decided to conduct and EVP experiment in this area as this had proved fruitful for a previous group who had investigated this site and area.

When we started calling out it seemed as though we were getting a response but this turned out to be car arriving and driving over the gravel. The kids who had decided to try and scare us which was very ineffective. This was our first time proper use of a thermal imaging camera.

We concluded our investigation at approximately 01:00hrs.

Results and measurements.

Mel Meter
Carpark EMF NIL
              Temp 8°C

 First building EMF NIL
               Temp 11°C

Second Building EMF NIL
               Temp 10°C

Sports Hall EMF NIL
               Temp 9 °C

No footage or photo's were captured.