• There are strip lynchets apparently of medieval date on Beeding Hill
  • There may have been a mill in the parish in 1086 on the future King's Barns manor.  Mills were recorded on both King's Barns and Beeding manors in 1210 and 1326
  • The oldest part of St. Peter's Church today is the 12th century base of the tower, in which hang 8 bells, two of them dating from the 14th century when the church was rebuilt.
  • The windmill recorded on Beeding manor in 1384 and 1500 may well have been on Windmill Hill, where a mill was recorded from the mid 17th century. A miller was mentioned in the parish in 1700, and in the late 18th and early 19th centuries members of the Slaughter family worked the mill, the mill was blown down between 1875 and 1896.
  • A pedlary fair was held at an unknown site on 21 July in the late 18th century
  • In the Middle Ages the Adur estuary provided fish as well as salt
  • In 1689 a parishioner was practicing as a physician without a license

 The Local History Society has produced two books “Bramber – Glimpses of a Village” and “Beeding – History of a Village” which sell well in local shops.