We were all quite eager to begin after our briefing in the local pub, and it was a pleasure to arrive once again at the house. The narrow winding road that leads to the house in question, really adds to the atmosphere at night. After parking up, we were greeted by Chris & Cristie – a fantastic, friendly and down-to-earth couple, raising a family of equally refreshing children. Once again, as I crossed the threshold, I was instantly charged. I wish I felt that way when arriving to work at my week day job, but alas, I doubt that will ever be!

It took a few minutes to set things up, and discuss with Chris & Cristie the incident sheets they had helpfully filled in since our last visit. We were given an interesting photo – not of the house – but of a fireplace that seemed to feature numerous faces, really quite eerie. But I digress. The lights were dimmed, and we began to wander around. It was nice to be indoors for a change, and it was comfortably warm. I was drawn to a corner in the living room, to the left of the TV. Something was happening there, I could definitely feel something building up. Chris mentioned he felt a similar feeling from that area from time to time, and that the TV was known to switch itself on/off. He showed us just how much pressure was required to push the ‘on’ button in and activate the TV. Certainly not something that would ‘just happen’ on
its own, by any means. We had a camera pointing at this spot for that very reason.

That feeling of something building up seemed to follow me around. The atmosphere felt extremely charged to me. I was not the only one to notice this. This charged sensation was once again strongest in one of the bedrooms, so off I went to have a look. The corner by the fitted cupboard/wardrobe was once again buzzing (not literally!). It was though there was a column of energy extending from the floor to the ceiling – I’m quite sure this was the same phenomenon that was charging me as I entered the house. I haven’t come across anything quite like this before. Chris theorized there may once have been a chimney on that side of the house, which seems quite plausible. The other side of the house has windows that have been for some time, so that basically rules out a chimney ever being sited there. (Although there is no current fireplace there, it is assumed the house must once have had a chimney, due to its age. This is pure speculation, however). I’m quite sure that this strange column is the origin point for supernatural activity in the house. It also worth pointing out that no energy spikes or any other unusual electromagnetic activity was recorded here.

Around this time a loud noise came from the kitchen! Cristie excitedly called us in! A wine bottle cap that had been left on the kitchen counter was now on the floor. It had somehow made its way there, apparently on its own. The cap was also squashed, as though the impact of it hitting the floor had caused this. The kitchen, dining and living room areas of the house are open plan – so I can 100% categorically state that no one was in there. Cristie & Tammy had been talking in the living room, and the rest of us were all within sight range of each other. The youngest children were in their room upstairs, and their eldest daughter was busy being a teenager and having a slumber party with a friend in her room, again, upstairs. We definitely heard the smack of the cap hitting the floor – it was quite hard. No way had it just fallen off the side. I was now getting the feeling of being watched in the kitchen, and that feeling of children peeking at us from around corners was back. Definitely young children. Hide and seek was on, but no names yet!

As the night went on, I kept commenting on the feeling I was getting of something building up. We made our way upstairs to the children’s bedrooms. We did not go into the youngest’s room, as it was late and they were peacefully sleeping. The eldest daughter was quite happy for me to intrude into her room though, and very helpful too. Her room is situated above the bedroom with energy column, and it definitely extended up into her room and presumably beyond. Very different atmosphere here though. Seemed more ‘earthed’ to me. We only stood there a short while, not wishing to intrude, and then made our way back downstairs. I must point out that the eldest daughter was extremely helpful, and did not involve herself in the investigation other than when asked questions. If either she or her friend had come downstairs they would have been heard (wooden floorboards) and seen. Definitely no hoaxing on their part.

Downstairs, finally two names came to me: Adam and Percival (Percy). Two young boys. And a nameless entity that they (Adam and Percy) just called ‘the man’. Nothing negative about any of this – there was no fear for ‘the man’. I got the impression he looked after the children, and would play hide and seek with them. I’m quite sure there are other children there too, but only Adam and Percy were out tonight!

Things got even more interesting when a tapping sound could be heard from the hatch in the ceiling next to the bedroom with the energy column. Clare began tapping back to it, and it seemed to be responding. The atmosphere was REALLY charged at this point. It’s worth pointing out that the hatch is painted shut, and that there is definitely a crawl space between the downstairs ceiling, and the upper floor. We did not actually open the hatch, but the difference in floor levels can clearly be seen. Is there anyway someone could get into that space? No. As mentioned, that hatch is painted shut. And small animals don’t tend to respond to tapping (i.e. a 3 tap response to 3 taps etc.). I was charged more than ever by this point. As I wandered back into the living room, Adam finally appeared to me. He was standing behind me, and had wrapped himself around my legs. A small, black-haired boy. Quite harmless. Photos were taken, but it seems nothing came out (quite frustrating). Chris mentioned he had previously had experiences of the sensation of a child standing behind him and grabbing on to his clothes – much the same way as their own youngest child does. So he should know!

This charged atmosphere really seemed to be building up to something. Tammy mentioned she had seen some light anomalies captured on her camcorder, so I eagerly await those results. However, other than Adam’s appearance, nothing else was to present itself to us that night. We did also explore the back garden (no investigation is complete without venturing into the cold at least once!), but nothing to report there.
Throughout the evening, the baby monitor would often kick in. Nothing necessarily odd about that, but it did seem to happen when things started getting interesting. I must also mention that as well as feeling charged, I was extremely thirsty throughout the investigation. Very thirsty!