We left Shoreham at 19:30 , the team included myself Nath , Tammy and Clare . We made our way to Upper Beeding , where our investigation was to take place that evening. I had put together a brief on how we would investigate this fantastic private house ,with the kind permission of Chris & Cristie who lived there had granted us access to it . After we had finished our briefing, we made our way up to the house just before 21:00 which we had prior arranged with Chris & Cristie. We started to unpack and setup our investigation equipment which took about 20 mins to complete. Chris and Cristie had completed the incident logging forms we had asked them for and we were all so surprised with amount of activity logged.

I setup a Hardrive Camcorder in the living room and also in the ground floor back bedroom. I also placed the negative ion detector covering the first floor front bedroom. Unfortunately the upper floor was not accessible as Chris & Cristie's children were soundly asleep and we did not want to intrude. However Nath did manage to speak to Cristie’s 13 year old daughter who had felt strange things in the room at other times. We did go outside at the back of the property and along the side to where Chris & Cristie’s bedroom backs onto. We visited the following areas along with Chris and Cristie.

Time 21:30

EMF Meter: No fields
EMF Meter baseline Reading: As above

Thermometer: 18 Degrees
Thermometer baseline: As above.

EVP: Nothing found

Video Camera Footage: Our video camera did capture a number of orbs whilst in a static position mounted on a tripod.Very strange camcorder still taken by Tammy almost likes like the side of someone’s face , at the same time Nath mentioned there was activity in this room.

Photo’s: Nath captured a dark spot in the corner next to the TV.

Comments: Cold room, Nath picked up on being watched in the corner left of the TV just near the curtains.

Loud breaths heard on the baby monitor and according to Chris & Cristie the children sleep some distance away from them monitor nothign usual.

Time 21:40

EMF Meter: No fields
EMF Meter baseline readings: As above

Thermometer: 16 Degrees
Thermometer baseline: 19 Degrees

EVP: Nothing Found

Video Camera footage: Tammy did manage to film some of this as you can hear what happens and the reaction to everybody in the living room.

Comments: Bottle top moved off kitchen worktop onto floor, and was squashed nobody near this area at the time.

Nath had felt someone called Adam as being present.

Time: 21:57

EMF Meter: No fields
EMF Meter baseline readings: As above

Thermometer: 15 Degrees
Thermometer baseline reading: 17 Degrees

EVP: Nothing Found

Video Camera footage: This was filmed by Tammy, but you can hear Clare as she communicates with tapping sounds which seem to indicate a response.

Photo’s: Nothing Found.
Comments: The above ceiling was creaking but nobody was moving upstairs Clare did manage to communicate with tapping noises almost as if some was standing in between both bedrooms upstairs but all were asleep.

Time: 22:10

EMF Meter: No fields
EMF Meter baseline readings: As above

Thermometer: 14 – 13 Degrees
Thermometer baseline readings: 16 Degrees

Negative Ion Detector: No readings

EVP: Nothing Found.

Video Camera Footage:Nothing Found.

Photo’s: Nothing Found.

Comments: Nothing unusual in this location.

We would first like to say a big thank you Chris and Cristie for allowing us to investigate there fantastic property and also to say what genuine people they are and. We can say without doubt that the property does having some very unexplainable things happen which we hope to understand one day , namely the bottle top flying off the kitchen work top with nobody even near the kitchen area . It was almost as if someone was trying to get our attention. Also the rapping noises just near the entrance of the Back Bedroom Location 3 in which may have communicated with whatever has been there. I would say this investigation is far from over and a definite revisit will be in order hopefully later this year. We finished our investigation just before 23:45.

This was a brilliant investigation. Cristie and Chris are fantastic and friendly people, very welcoming. Very accommodating too. Cristie is definitely the more ‘in tune’ of the two (often commenting on her own experiences in the house), but Chris is also open minded, and can see that something is going on. Their children are also fantastic. Very friendly, and very intelligent. The eldest daughter is of an age where poltergeist activity is often linked to, but if there is a link here, it was not apparent that night. All in all – a very welcoming and extremely friendly family. An absolute pleasure to work with. And I sincerely thank them for allowing us into their home.

I will state that there is absolutely no way that any member of this wonderful family is in any way involved with any kind of fakery. It is quite obvious just by speaking to them that they have and are experiencing something. We shall be returning at some point in the near future, this investigation is far from over!

When we arrived at the door we were met by Cristie & Chris who kindly invited us into their home to investigate strange goings on…… I instantly felt comfortable with them as if I had known them both for years (strange for me to get that instant feeling) & the feeling I had walking into the property was just a really buzzing, happy, excited atmosphere! It seemed the house was active from the moment we walked in, to the moment we walked out – I really cant describe the feeling but we will definitely be coming back to investigate further & Cristie will be joining us on a few ghost hunts in the future we hope – cant wait!

This was a very interesting investigation & I thoroughly enjoyed it. The house had no bad feel to it and I'm so glad we managed to get response to my tapping and the evidence on the video which we collected and to have the bottle top fly off the side when we were there was great. I thank both the family for being so welcoming & hope to keep in touch with them both for future investigations.

I think this is the best private house I have investigated to date very active and lots of things happening. I agree totally with Nath worthy of revisit in the future. I would like to say what lovely people Chris & Cristie and how they welcomed us in there home to investigate the strange happenings which seem to occur at there property . I believe we experienced things which we can only begin to explain! I am very much looking forward to a future investigation at this property.