Myself and Nath arrived a little earlier and decided to have a quick drink in the local pub just along the road. We finally set off from the pub to make our way to the house which was supposedly experiencing a lot of paranormal activity. We made our way up the road where we had parked the car. We must emphasis it a very small narrow road and probably dates back to at least Roman times. The property itself dating from the early 18th Century.

We entered the front door of the property and were greeted by the owners we made our way to the living room. I felt this property was deceptively big almost like a Dr Who's tardis inside! We spoke to the owners who said that from the first week they had moved in strange things had been occurring even whilst they were moving in their belongings .Sudden drops in temperature happening throughout the house and doors opening and closing by themselves! The owners young son speaking to someone whilst his parents listened to him through their baby monitor apparently he was all alone this has apparently happened on numerous occasions. The porch light to the property working intermittently as if someone was switching the light on and off the wiring had been checked all was ok. Cristie has said she has seen someone peering over the bed late at night. I took baseline reading for all 5 to 6 locations within the property so at least we would have a comparison for the investigation in the coming weeks. I think this property is very interesting and is full of activity which seems to manifest itself at all times of the day and night with no apparent pattern. I have given the owners an incident log to record strange occurrences in the run up to our investigation, which is hopefully going to be after the Easter holidays. I believe that SPI has found a very intriguing property to investigate, and look forward to reading Nath walk around report and his thoughts on this.I would also like to add what warm friendly people Chris & Cristie were for allowing us to conduct this pre-investigation visit.

The first thing we encountered trying to find the property was the narrow winding road leading up to it! Once located, we parked and wandered up to the door where Chris & Cristie were waiting to greet us. I have to admit – I was extremely tired at this point. However, the second I walked through the door I was immediately filled with renewed energy! Definitely a good sign.

We were welcomed in by Chris and Cristie – a very friendly and extremely welcoming couple. As we sat in their living room, they filled us in on some the events that had happened in the house. Their 3yo son often referred to ‘the others’ who lived in the house; the ‘people who walk through us’ and a ‘Frenchman’. All good signs! Cristie in particular spoke of her experiences – a face appearing in the headboard of the bed, temperature drops, feelings of being watched etc. Fascinating stuff indeed. As we talked, I was becoming more and more aware of ‘something’ being in the house. Nothing negative – I must emphasise this.

We soon began our tour of the house, including meeting the youngest children a cute and bubbly daughter and their son – an incredibly bright and wonderful 3yo. I knew we were being watched. I kept sensing children were playing hide and seek with us, and not the aforementioned children. The area of the house I was most drawn to was a corner of one of the downstairs bedrooms. There was some kind of column of energy in it, I could feel it. Perhaps it was this that was charging me?

Upstairs, in the children’s room, I really got a feel for the place. After a few seconds, the image of an old style bathtub, being filled with water from some kind of jug, came clearly into my mind. Very clearly, it was almost as if I had been flung back in time. Quite exhilarating, really.
We spent a good couple of hours in the house, in the end. Chris and Cristie are fantastic people, wonderful to work with. I eagerly wait the time for our full investigation, but for now, Johan’s and I brief experience of the house would have to do!