George Boniface, the son of a farmer in
Ditchling in Sussex. The Boniface's moved to Lower Beeding in 1812

George married Phyllis Dinnage in 1817 in Beeding. From them on he
built up a village empire, and it looks as if he did it on other
peoples money as well.

In the 1841 census, George is listed as a farmer and grocer of
Crossways, Lower Beeding.

He files for bankruptcy in December 1848 and has debts of 206-13-9
(pounds, shillings and pence -for the forgetful, 1 pound=20
shillings, 1 shilling=12 pence)

His home posessions are described to a T in the bankruptcy file.
These were protected from the creditors according to the file.

In the 1851 census, he is still a publican with his wife Ellen.
But by 1861 he is an ag labourer. It appears that he went from
businessman to labourer before his death in 1863 aged 69. A few of
his childrens baptism from 1856 to 1860 give his occupation as
Keeper Of Bees.

George Bonifaces debts go back to at least 1831.

Here is the transcript of the bankruptcy file.

Petition signed 15 Dec 1848, filed 16 Dec, First hearing 23 Jan

Debts 206-13-9 (pounds, shillings and pence -for the forgetful, 1
shillings, 1 shilling=12 pence) :-)
Credits 20-1-0
Books 3
Papers none
Deeds None

Petition by George Boniface of Plummers Plain Crossways Lower
Beeding near
Horsham in the County of Sussex Retailer of Beer and General
Living at Plummers Plain for upwards of 30 years.

There is then an 'excepted articles' page, to list those items to
protected from the creditors. It list his goods and chattels as

Parlour - 1 clock, 4 Tables 8 chairs 1 bench 15 small prints?
Fender and
fire 2 tea trays.
Kitchen - 1 table 1 Form,Plates Shelves 4 Chairs 3 Flat irons 6
1 Iron pot Tea kettle Bellows 18 mugs and a small quantity of
Dinner and tea
Shop - Scales and Weights, Counter, Shelves and a few sundries
Cellar - 2 Crocks? 2 Water pails 1 Tou?r?n?
Chambers - 2 Feather beds 2 bolsters 3 pillows 2 four post
bedsteads and
hangings 2 Chaff?? Beds 2 Matresses 4 pr sheets 4 pr Blankets 2
Bedspreads 4 coverlids 2 Boxes? Dressing Glass 4 chairs 6 towels 2

Total value of above: 12 pounds.

Wearing apparel

George Boniface - 2 Round frocks 3 shirts 2 Dress coats 2 Hats 3
Stockings 2 prs Shoes 3 Handkerchiefs 2 prs smallclothes 1 Jacket

Ellen his wife - 3 gowns 2 pr Stays 3 pr stockings 2 Night caps 3
2 petticoats 2 Bonnets 2 pr Shoes 3 Handkerchiefs 2 Niight Gowns 1

children ?

Phillip- 2 Round frocks 2 Shirts 1 waistcoat 1 Hat 1 pr Shoes 1
pr Trowsers 2 handkerchiefs
Alexander - 1 round Frock 2 shirts 1 pr shoes ! Jacket 1 pr
Trowsers 1 Hat
Clement - 1 Round Frock 2 Shirts 1 Jacket 1 pr Trowsers 1 cap 1 pr
Matilda - 2 Frocks 2 petticoats 2 pinafores 1 pr Shoes 1 bonnet 2
Stockings 2 Chary?e?s? 2 Night caps

Total value of above: 6 Pounds.

Receipts and expenditures page - lists the last 6 months trading,

Goods above, 18-0-0
Per month Jun to Nov, 6-0-0 per month income from the shop, and
3-0-0 Dec to
Rents of corttages, 28 weeks at 6/3 a week, 8-15-0
Total 47-15-0

1/2 years mortgage 5-0-0
28 weeks at 8/3 on coverage for beer 25-11-0
Goods for shop 10-0-0 at average
Maintenance of myself, my wife and 4 children 17-0-0
Unaccounted for 0-4-0
Total 47-15-0

Next page - list of creditors, with a date of the debt. Some debts
date from
1845 onwards:

1. James Killick, Nuthurst, Miller 27-10-0
2. Messrs Kidd and sons, 10-8-0
3.William Lintot, Grocer 10-4-0
4. George Gales, brewer, Steyning 20-4-0
5. Richard Smith, shopkeeper, Crawley 10-0-0
This creditor held a promisory not for the account
6. Thomas Jenner, farmer. Lindfield Sussex. ?.6-10-0Balance on
exchange of stock
7. William Kensett. Shopkeeper Slaugham Sussex 10 s Balance of
account for malt
8. John Walder ?.Slaugham ? 2-0-0 Goods in his trade
9. Peter Wood. Coal Merchant Crawley Sussex ? 2-4-0 for coal
10. Messrs Gates / Gales & Co Brewers , Horsham ? 2-14-0 Balance
of account for beer
11. William Leopard. Blacksmith. East Grinstead or West (I can?t
make it out) ? 2-13-9

12. George Bennet (rent of cottage) ? 1-16-0
13. Miss Mary Sheet Money borrowed from 1831 onwards. she holds a
mortgage for
securing this amount with interest on my leasehold estate at Lower
at 5 per cent. ? 130-0-0
14 William Gander, farmer, Lower Beeding. Money Borrowed holds 2nd
mortgage on
my leasehold estate.? 70-0-0

Total debts ? 296-13-0
[There was also a debt to Gales and sons? of Horsham, Brewers.
This was a
famous brewing company in Horsham at the time - probably where his
beer came
from :-) He seems to owe money to Millers and maltsters as well -
seems he
made his own beer too.]

. John Rook formerly of Lower Beeding-Gone away ?5-3-2
John Bryant Laughton Slaugham Sussex ? 1-10
??..Pengally late of Lower Beeding now dead? 2-14-3
Thomas King, Labourer ne the Hammer Ponds Slaugham Sussex? 5-2-2
Frederick Jupp. Labourer Slaugham Sussex ? 4-7-4
Robert Stoner. Labourer Slaugham Sussex ? 1-4-1

Total 20-1-0

Property in Possession:

Leasehold estate, consisting of 6 cottages, one of which is in my
possesssion, the other 5 let out at 1/3 a week to labourers Also 2
acres of
land including garden ground and the ground upon which the
cottages stand.
The land is in my own occupation. This estate is subject to a
ground rent of
one poound per year and there are 45 years unexpired. Value
200-0-0 subject
to two mortgages of 130-0-0 and 70-0-0. Creditor number 13 [Mary
Sheet] has he deeds.

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 Census 1841 Showing George Boniface as farmer at the Wheatsheaf.

 For some reason George Boniface lists himself at GeorgeBonny on the Census report which says he a Beer Seller 1851 at the crossways.
The below gives some reason as why he changed his name slightly who knows why
Where the Bonny name has come from goodness knows but this was my 3xGGrandfather and all other details are correct Ellen was his second wife Clement his youngest son from first wife and Matilda Reeves daughter of Ellen before marriage to George. and the address is correct 'Crossways' with thanks for your help.

 Census 1861 show George Boniface as a Lodger and Labourer.