I was looking forward to this one, after what had happened during our pre-investigation visit. We arrived and enjoyed another nice meal, which meant I was able to tune back into the place as it gradually emptied of customers. Turned out I used to work with the barmaid, Jo, from years back as well – which was nice, and helped me to settle in.

We began our investigation in the vast beer garden, just having a wonder around – I was hoping I’d see the image of the man with the axe in his head (as morbid as that may sound), but that didn’t make an appearance. I did, however, pick up on the fact there is a skeleton buried at the foot of the garden, in the corner just behind the children’s play area where a long piece of corrugated tubing is sited - deep beneath what is now overgrown shrubbery. No ghost – just the unmistakeable sense of old bones. I’m quite sure the person was just buried there, and wasn’t murdered and left there. Interesting, but nothing necessarily paranormal. I did know we were being watched, however.

Once the bar had cleared, we were able to set up the equipment as Steve and Janette closed down for the night. We had a brief chat, and they kindly provided us with hot and cold drinks facilities – always nice! They retired upstairs, and we began in earnest. We started in the tabled area to the left of the bar, and Tammy began asking questions – the usual “anyone here? Why are you here?” etc. As she was asking, the sense we were being watched really intensified. This was not a sinister sensation – and at no point did I feel any malice directed at us. But we were certainly being scrutinised. I was desperately trying to lock onto whatever was there, but was having real difficulty – it really was quite frustrating. Then – all at once – I was starting to pick up on things, voices. And it was voices, not just one – yet they spoke as one, in unison. As Tammy asked their intention, Steve was the instant answer supplied. This surprised me – as it did the rest of the team. I had assumed that the lady I had seen here before -and by extension whatever was here – was attached to Janette, but this was apparently not the case. I tried to dig a little further and it became apparent that whatever here was attached more to Steve’s bloodline, as opposed to him directly. Very interesting – although I knew, and know, nothing of Steve’s ancestry so had nothing more to go on. As more questions were asked, I knew we had to move into the main bar.

In the main bar, the bizarre sensation of numerous – hundreds – of voices all speaking as one was really impressed upon me. Although I could not make out what was said. That was until the words ‘Protect’, ‘Shield’, ‘Liege’ and ‘League’ all became very clear in my head. I had never experienced this before – a kind of hive mind communicating with me, and it was having difficulties in doing so too. It was extremely weird (even for me), although not at all threatening, just fascinating. It seemed that whatever was here wanted to protect not necessarily just Steve, but the whole pub itself, and the surrounding area. The ‘Liege’ didn’t necessarily make sense, but his may have been mis-coummincated, or I simply did not understand the context. Although I certainly did not pick up on this collection of voices as seeing Steve as some kind of sovereign figure.

As we all tried to make sense of what was being conveyed to me, I found myself being constantly drawn to the road outside the front of the pub. As this dawned on me, I instantly picked up on the scene of a motor accident in icy, snowy conditions. I did not see the actual scene; this was more like awaking from a dream and just having a vague recollection of the gist of what you had dreamt about. But this accident was big, and people died. I must stress that I had no idea who died, or if the accident directly involved the pub. I was finding it quite hard to process. Then I slowly became aware that this accident was yet to happen! I’m not saying I was shown a glimpse of the future, more a potential outcome. Something would cause an accident – and had already caused accidents – it was becoming clearer. But what? People had already died on the road – it is long and straight and drivers tend speed way too fast along it, so I guess some accidents are inevitable. But I got the impression this particular accident was to be caused by a car swerving to avoid something. Could it be that the figure of the man with the axe is appearing to people under the right conditions, causing them to swerve to avoid a perceived collision? I got no definite answers, and this was to frustrate me the rest of the night, and still does.

With this still very much on my mind, we decided to wander down into the cellar – where I had picked up on drunken gambling and fighting taking place on my last visit. Nothing to report here, other than then I could still pick up on the gambling and fighting – no ghost though. Just recordings. I did keep an eye on the stairs where I had seen the figure of the woman – but did not see or pick up on anything as I passed it entering and leaving the cellar.

Back in the bar – I did feel something pass through me, which was just uncomfortable as opposed to unpleasant. And I was sure I could see a figure next to Amber, which she also passed through. And various light anomalies were seen on camera. After mulling over what I had picked up there, we decided to exit the bar and venture back into the beer garden. This is when things really started to get interesting...

Johan had managed to capture a mist on camera in the beer garden, which was extremely interesting as it was not cold enough to see our breath. As we discussed this and my eyes adjusted to the light conditions – a clear night but very dark, but lighter than inside the pub – I found it difficult to believe my eyes: we were absolutely surrounded by shadowy figures! They were everywhere! All around the beer garden on the benches and tables, on the children’s play area equipment, in the surrounding fields, and even on the roof of the pub! I was simply astounded! I had never seen anything quite like this before – I was speechless. Everywhere I looked was these shadowy, translucent figures. I could pick up nothing from them – no negativity, no sense of calm, they were offering nothing – but they were there! I could make out no features from them, no clothing, but they were definitely humanoid, and seemingly cowled. As I approached them, they just faded away. But if one of the other guys and girls approached them, they could pass right through them without them fading. I was speeding around the beer garden, staggered at what I was seeing. I cannot emphasise enough the sheer number of them – it was hardly surprising we felt like we were being watched! Although I could not make out features, I could still tell that they were facing the pub, or maybe the road in front of it. I am extremely glad that as the guys were taking photos, Amber actually managed to capture one of the figures on camera – apparently standing on the bench of one of the picnic tables! FINALLY! Some photographic proof of what I was seeing, I was ecstatically happy! Although I had no idea why just one figure was captured in one photo, I was not about to look the gift horse in the mouth. Then, the figures simply vanished, and they would not return that night. We were all extremely excited by what had happened, and we decided to go back into the pub for a break. As we did, we all heard one of Steve’s dogs barking – something which had not happened before then that night. May have been related to the figures, or possibly reacting to our excited presence. I’m really not sure.

During our break, we tried to work out what had happened, but with not much success if I’m honest. James and Amber pondered if the figures were the spirits of people who had died on the road. It’s possible they were – but the sheer number of them meant that that road has seen a lot of death during its existence. I honestly had no idea what or who they were, but presumably had something to do with the hive mind I had communicated with. I kept dwelling on the road and the potential accident to be. If it was to be caused by a car swerving to avoid the image of the ‘axe man’, could it be prevented? Or would these accidents be doomed to repeat themselves over and over again? Depressing stuff. But wow – those figures! They were just everywhere!

Apparently there had been some unexplained activity in the toilets before – vases moving on the window sills, but I picked up nothing in either. Though Amber was drawn to that end of the pub. I also did not pick up on anything extra from the pub.

We did venture back out into the beer garden, but the figures did not show themselves again. However, as we were walking back into the pub – I felt a distinct slap on my right shoulder. At first, I naturally assumed it was one of the guys, but Tammy, James, Johan and Amber were all too far away from me to have made the strike – and certainly would have been seen if they had. I could find no evidence on the floor of anything that may have fallen and struck me – but I can’t rule this out.

Time was getting on and I had work in the morning – well, later on that morning – so I had to call it a night. I am still simply staggered by what happened that night, and that we caught something on film! As well as troubled by the potential accident, and the possible involvement of the ‘axe man’. As well as being disappointed by not seeing the same woman I had seen on the stairs, whom I had seen before. Definitely a lot of questions that need answering, and we really must return there. As I’ve stated – there was nothing unpleasant in the pub, certainly nothing evil. Seemingly linked to Steve, or rather his bloodline. But never really posing a nuisance to anyone and whatever is there did seem intent on protecting the place. But as for what is actually residing there, I guess I’ll never know for sure.
My thanks once again to Steve and Janette – they run a fantastic pub with a huge beer garden! And we really, really must go back there.