After we had brief a wonder around Doomsday Church which is a shortish drive from The Wheatsheaf Inn. It was very nice to be driving around the local countryside in this glorious part of West Sussex.

Following our previous visit, when Nath had seen a gentlemen walking around with an axe in his head. I telephoned Steve , and followed up on a conversation we had had on our previous visit , regarding SPI doing a paranormal investigation and . We arranged a pre investigation visit. We arrived at The Wheatsheaf at about 4pm we ordered some and sat in our usual corner of the pub.

After our lovely meal we have a brief chat with the current owners Steve & Janette. We hope to have assured Steve & Janette that we would be doing a scientific investigation rather than a spiritual one. I would like to think Janette did realise in the end that we are a very genuine and professional group. And that we would treat this investigation with the sensitivity it deserves.

We started to do our pre-investigation at approximately 630 pm. The place was getting a lot quieter now as closing time approached at 7 pm . We mapped the whole pub as we would do normally , Tammy taking some footage , Amber on her second pre investigation taking some much needed photo’s , Nath getting a real feel for the place. I tasked myself with taking some baseline reading for temperature and to see if there were any EMF fields present, I mapped 7 locations on this property , there will be a lot for us to investigate and do. We finished about 7.30pm after gathering as much information as possible , in order to prepare for this . Which should hopefully take place within the next 6 weeks. The SPI are very much looking forward to this investigation and hopefully coming up with some great evidence.

A nice day for this one, although of course we were inside for most it! We did have another brief wonder around Doomsday Church (which is just up the road from The Wheatsheaf Inn), but nothing to report on that one.

The last time we were here – to have a meal before visiting the Doomsday Church – I had seen a male staggering around with an axe embedded in his head. So I was expecting to pick up on something. We had another nice meal and had a brief chat with the current owners, Steve and Janette. They are both very down to earth, pleasant and friendly people. Janette definitely seemed more in tune with what was happening in the pub, she explained her daughter had seen a light on the stairs leading up to the living area. As well as other experiences at her parents’ house. After this chat, we had a walk around the pub, and I did manage to pick up on a couple of things.

The outdoor path that separates the main pub from the external decking area – and the spot where I had previously seen the unfortunate man – had a very definite buzz about it. I kept getting glimpses of a now long gone path which cut through the decking area, and led across the road which now runs down the side of the pub’s land. I was also drawn through the beer garden, right down the fence that separates the pub from the neighbouring field. No spirits to report here, just the former layout of the land.

We walked back into the pub and Janette took us through the kitchen area, and then down into the cellar. I immediately picked on up blood, spilt in the cellar. Also the brief glimpse of a scenes of poker being played here – all long ago I should add! This was fascinating, but it was when Janet led us back up the stairs and past the stairs where her daughter had seen a light – that I saw the transparent figure of a woman, staring at us. I got no name or any other information, and as we approached she just faded away. She was definitely looking at me, but clearly did not want to reveal anything at this stage. I got the impression she was checking us out, a little suspicious. I did not reveal this to Janette (or Steve), as Janette clearly wasn’t at all comfortable with the idea there may be something in the pub.
Definitely something to think about before we return for our full investigation. Steve and Janette are very nice people, and by the end of our visit I hope we managed to reassure Janette that she had nothing to fear. Despite the ‘axe man’ (which was definitely just an image, not a spirit – I did not pick up on anything unwelcoming, or negative in the pub. The Wheatsheaf Inn is a relaxing and friendly pub, and another location I look forward to fully investigating.