It was fantastic to finally meet our latest member Amber, for a pre-investigation visit to Ypres Tower, accompanied by Nath. The weather seemed to get better the nearer we got to Rye. We set off at approximately at 1400. We managed to negotiate the old cobbled streets to reach the majestic Ypres Tower which looks down onto the River Brede, flowing through Rye.
Ypres Tower stands as a defensive structure protecting the town of Rye When you step foot into the tower, it is like going back in time. It was interesting to find out about the condemned men’s cell which is in the far corner of the main entrance. The kind gentleman on the counter said that no groups had really done much investigating in the basement, which was used as mortuary until the 50’s. The herb garden has the women’s tower in the far corner ! I found out from the gentleman on the counter we would be given access to this on the actual investigation. Unfortunately it was a little late to be given access that day.

There will be plenty for SPI to investigate on the various locations throughout Ypres Tower. It will be very challenging in terms of placing our cameras to cover as much of the tower as possible.

The view from the balcony in the tower over Rye is amazing, and you really feel how this medieval tower may have been used in previous centuries.

Various photo’s – EMF – Thermometer readings we taken. SPI is very grateful to be given the opportunity to investigate this historically important building. It will be the first time that we have used IR strobes and EM Pump – E Pods which were made earlier this year.

Was lovely to meet our newest member, Amber, for this one. Johan and I accompanied her, and it was very pleasant trip.

I was expecting to pick up on something, due to the bulk of the tower being constructed by stone – usually something very conductive of the paranormal (I’ve found). As usual, it took a while for me to ‘tune into’ the place as we wandered around. Not too big – three medium sized floors, with access to the roof sadly restricted due to the presence of solar panels. Yep, the tower has been brought into the 21st Century, whether it like it or not! The first thing that struck me was that a great many people had been contained in the tower over the years, often all at the same time in obviously cramped conditions. Not a pleasant sensation. The second thing for me to pick up was the fact blood had been spilt – mainly on the wall of the spiral staircase leading up from the 1st floor. Not unusual, I guess, for a former prison tower.

When in one of the former cells, right of the main entrance, I became immediately aware that someone had been hanged there – no spirit present, just the unmistakable feel of pressure around my neck, and the swaying sensation of hanging from a rope. Again, I must stress there was no spirit present – at least none that I could see or feel. This was another recording type encounter. That’s not to say it was any less unpleasant.

We were given access the former exercise yard that also leads to the former Women’s Tower. Sadly, the keys were not available to access the tower, but we did get to wander around the yard (now being used as herb garden). In front of the locked doors that lead back into the main tower, it became known to me that at some point in the past a brutal rape had been committed here. Not a feeling I care to describe, but all too apparent. Again, no spirit present. Amber did pick up on a flow of energy from the top of the tower, leading down into the yard. After standing in the spot, I got the same sensation of a great many people – exactly the same sensation as within the tower. Very interesting!
It was fascinating just to the move about the tower, and absorb its history. And despite its bloody history, the atmosphere was generally not unpleasant. And we have certainly found a brilliant new member in Amber! I can’t wait for our full investigation next month.