The area is said to be haunted by a particularly grizzly, burned man ghost. who was a resident of the sleepy West Sussex town of Shoreham-by-Sea. The human settlement at Shoreham is age old, predating the Romans by many centuries. As a result, the small habour town is fairly overpopulated when in comes to the lingering deceased. The ghosts of monks, Roman soldiers, headless horsemen, witches, drowned children, WW2 RAF pilots and enraged pirates all put in a showing at Shoreham-by-Sea, but none matches the terror of the burned man.
The burned man is a roaming spirit, said to inhabit a large stretch of Shoreham Beach, as well as areas around the town’s footbridge and high street. Sightings of the burned man date from the Second World War onwards. No known sightings predate the 1940s, suggesting the ghost may have been one of the many victims of the great European conflict. All reported observations bear remarkably similar details and occur after midnight but before 2.00am. Witnesses describe becoming aware of a figure behind them as they walk through the dimly-lit streets. Next witnesses become aware of a powerful stench, similar to burned meat, which rapidly becomes overwhelming. Finally, the burned man appears suddenly in front of the victims, flailing his arms wildly and screaming-out demented moans of agony.
As well as on street sightings, some witnesses have allegedly reported seeing the burned man at Shoreham Beach. In 1986, a group of young teens from a near-by private school were celebrating the end of term on the beach. The party gradually thinned-out, leaving a handful of lads sat in a circle, near the shoreline. Suddenly, one of the boys became aware of a figure, stood near the water. Before he knew it, the figure was charging at the group, screaming loudly. The boys fled in terror. Each reported an overwhelming stench, variously described as being like rotting meat, burned hair, melted plastic and burned chicken. The mystery continues.
(Former employee of the Schooner pub):
I used to work in The Schooner! There are four floors in the building. The bottom floor used to be a morgue, where they stored the fisherman's bodies pulled up by trawler men down the harbor!

One night we were having a lock in in the pub, me and the other bar maid and a few friends, no one else was in the pub upstairs or down... It was just us!
There was a catering lift that went from the kitchen (at the very top of the building) to the morgue (at the very bottom)... The lift suddenly started up and went from the restaurant (underneath the bar) up to the kitchen! You have to press a button to make it work... No way it could of done it on its own... No wind could have pressed that button. It was well scary! Not to mention the foot steps that we all heard! It was horrible!!!

Whenever you went down to change a barrel you always felt that some one else was there! Freaky place....

The Crown & Anchor is haunted too! I worked there also! The land lord at the time used to have seance there, and all sorts of things came through... A man that was hanged there and urinated all over came through,... you could smell the piss in the air , oh and a little boy and girl who the man used to scare, they used to hide! It was horrible!!!! But the weird thing was, the land lords son had described legs hanging from a beam in his room when he had waken up one night... This was before they had conducted the seance! Once it had finished we went down stairs to the bar and all of the ash trays were on one table rather than when we put them out on all the tables before the seance had started! It was freaky...