I arrived at Shoreham Fort which is located on Shoreham Beach accompanied by Tammy at approximately 2 pm. The Fort is still very much being restored to it’s former glory with help from lots of volunteers providing their skills and knowledge in this process. We were given a tour of the fort itself starting with the outer battlements. As most of the site is still under restoration and are exposed to outside elements were not able to take any baseline readings for EMF and Thermometer . We did thoroughly photographed all the areas on our tour which included the Caponiers!


The tour of this site was fascinating and if anybody is in the area when they are running one these tours it is well worth a visit. The volunteers who were there when we visited were in the process of removing the second world war observation tower. The building under this has not been opened in very long time and, this will be accessible to us for the first time, which is very exciting. We finished our pre-investigation visit at approximately 3.30pm. We have mapped out four locations on the site, where we can place our camcorders on tripods. SPI is very much looking forward to investigating this unique historical site.