This is a fasinating chapter in the past history of an English Highwayman by the name of JACK UPPERTON, who made his final stand against a mail delivery coach with his accomplice (believed to be his brother by some) and robbed the coach of its contents. The villain was quite quickly captured and taken to East Grinstead Assizes (a notorious courthouse where many felons were sentenced to the ultimate end. Which was to be DEATH...).
Having been found guilty as charged Jack Upperton was transported then to the infamous Horsham Gaol where he was to be hanged by the neck, and duly was.

Literally how the gibbet would have looked.

As mentioned above it was customary then to take the body to the place of the said crime after the local blacksmith had fabricated an iron cage to fit snugly around the corpse, and a substantial eye on top to hang the hardware up from, and hung on the side of the road to show all passers by what happens to people who rob on the Kings highways. So was it done and the body of Jack Upperton was transported back to the scene of the crime and suspended from a heavy wooden frame which was known to be the gibbet. Gibbet sites were common over the entire country and many are still remembered today. Sussex was not noted for its sites but its clear that they were around all the same.

The gibbet post at this site remained in the ground until it rotted away and apparently was still just about visible till the 1920,s. The hole was visible until fairly recently when a huntsman’s horse broke a leg by stepping into it and the estate had the hole filled in.
This is the rough summary of what Jack Uppertons Gibbet is about. We will be covering in detail any points of information that are relevant to this interesting chapter of the year 1771, the year when Jack met his nemeses.

Uppertons Gibbet can be found (not very easily I might add) on the west entrance to Angmering Park Estate just a few miles east of Arundel in a place called Blakehurst. The reason for the interest to the site was I have to say is paranormal. An accomplice of mine Mr Charles Walker (Paranormal Investigator) who is the main force behind the Clapham Wood investigations in respect to disappearing dogs, UFO’s and other strange occurrences in the wood, Brought my attention to the site and after a few investigations of our own. We found that we had some pretty powerful results on camera and strange happenings to our electrical equipment. This then prompted me to find out what may have went on here and try and work out the circumstances leading up to this event. After much internet research and picking out bits, checking some facts out from East Grinstead assizes and Horsham museums, grabbing a few pictures of the Skarfolkes centre (today known as Carfax), we build up a fairly reasonable and accurate account of what probably happened to this character Jack Upperton.

King George III was new to the throne at the time of Jack Uppertons time in 1770 the year before Uppertons fate. There was no A24 or A27 as we know today but a narrow woodland track in poor condition, and this would then have been the kings highway.

Note: King Charles II was reputed to have used this same road to flee the country after a battle was lost. This path is today effectively known as monarchs way.