SPI Currently has 7 of these.

The camcorder is without doubt a very versatile piece of equipment used by investigators to gather evidence when used on investigations.
They can be used in static areas for example on a tripod recording in a closed off rooms or handled and used by an investigator on the move. We as a group recommend the Sony range of camcorders as they have the Nightvision mode which is great in low
 lighting conditions. We still currently use standard definition Sony hardrive camcorders which can record unto seven hours of high quality footage and then can be transfered directly to a PC or Laptop to be viewed for any anomalies .

SPI Currently has 2 of these.

Sony has now limited a lot of the HD camcorder which have the NightShot feature. This particular model has Super NightShot and is a lot more sensitive to than our older camcorders. It takes Sony memory sticks which can easily be attached and footage reviewed on a PC or Laptop. The battery is takes is the same as previous models which is very handy and limits the amount of equipment needing to be purchased to gain the benefits of this camcorder. We hope to purchase more of these in the future to add to our already extensive range of equipment.

SPI Currently has 1 of these.

This is a standard HD camcorder which has been professionally modified by the above company to Full Spectrum and can see the below light spectrum. This compliments our already existing Full Spectrum point and shoot camera.