This is the original E.Probe model EP-1. This is the most versatile E-Field detector available anywhere! This detector picks up where regular EMF detectors leave off. EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) have three components: magnetic, radio, and electric waves. Regular EMF detectors only pick up on magnetic and radio waves, except for the much more expensive tri-field meters. The E.Probe detects the electric fields of EMFs. This is invaluable to the paranormal researcher! With this tool, you can detect the smallest electric fields, including the electric field around the human body and paranormal entities. It is also useful as a real-time response tool like the flashlight, but is much more accurate! Flashlights can be affected by temperature, humidity and other factors, however if you lay the E.Probe's antenna on the flashlight or any other metal object, the E.Probe will alert you to anything with an electric field that touches that object. It can be used hand-held or stationary. There is an on/off switch and a red LED "on/off" indicator. It can switch between light only or light & sound mode, which is useful for EVP sessions. It features an adjustable sensitivity which is useful if you want it to detect several inches from the probe or only when it has physical contact. It is extremely sensitive when hand held and motion does not affect the probe. This is powered by one 9-volt battery.

This piece of equipment was built by Colorado Para-Tech.

The EP1 features:

  • On/Off switch.
  • Red LED On/Off indicator.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • Flashing light when E-Field is detected.
  • Beeper when E-Field is detected.
  • Switch for light or sound & light modes.
  • 9-Volt battery compartment.
  • Telescoping probe.
  • Approximate Effective Range- 3 or 4 Inches from Probe (Depending on sensitivity setting).
  • Low battery indicator (Beeps continuously when battery is low).