• The EM Pulser will make a changing EM Field which is believed to work like a beacon, or trigger device.
  • With it still being a type of EM pump it is also believed to help save batteries and help give spirits energy.

This EM Pulser was made by Apparition Technologies which is Australia's leading paranormal equipment manufacturer.

  • When turned, on the EM Pulser’s Led will start flashing green slowly. The colour will change and the pulse will get faster.
  • The colour order is as follows: Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple and Red.
  • The field changes strength as the pulses get faster, from 400mG up to 5,000mG.
  • Longer battery life.
  • This is another first of its kind for an Australian Manufacturer.
  • Runs off 3 AA batteries and should run for over 5 hours per set.