The EM Pump creates a low level magnetic field to help provide energy that theories suggest spirits use to manifest of communicate. Since the frequency and duration changes, it is thought of as a beacon or trigger device.

This EM Pump v2.2 was made by Apparition Technologies which is Australia's leading paranormal equipment manufacturer. It is their latest one.

These now have had a redesigned Coil that puts out between 13,000mG to 14,000mG.

This is the second generation of our EM Pump that have been sold to places all around the world and are proven to be reliable and strong.These are not spinning magnet type EM Pumps and uses an adjustable pulse rate via Field Coil technology to make a variable EM flux which radiates hemispherically from the unit.

  • Powered by 4 AA batteries for longer usage.
  • 12+ hours per set of batteries (Alkaline)
  • Variable pulse rate.
  • Custom made Coil!
  • Led indicator to show pulse rate.
  • Simple to use.
  • Small in size. Built in battery compartment so you do not need to pull them apart to change the batteries.

New features

  • Built in battery compartment!
  • Stronger and bigger field!
  • Slimmer design!
  • Heavy duty case!