The EM Vortex creates a low level magnetic field, a magnetic white noise if you will. Since the frequency and duration changes, it is thought of as a beacon or trigger device. Also it can be used as a sacrificial battery source.

This EM Vortex was made by Apparition Technologies which is Australia's leading paranormal equipment manufacturer.

This uses the second generation of our EM Pumps coils that have been sold to places all around the world and are proven to be reliable and strong.

These are not spinning magnet type EM Pumps and uses an adjustable pulse rate adn rotation speed via Field Coil technology to make a variable rotating EM flux which radiates hemispherically from the unit.

  • Powered by 4 AA batteries for longer usage.
  • 6+ hours per set of batteries (Alkaline).
  • Variable pulse and rotation rate.
  • Custom made Coils!
  • Leds indicators to show the rotation speed.

The new EM Vortex Ultimate

This version of our EM Vortex has extra features such as changeable directions, single coil mode and triple coil mode.
With each mode you can adjust the speed and output strength.

  • It uses 3 of our EM Pump V3 coils each making around 19,000mG output each.
  • Runs off 2 sets of 4 AA batteries for longer run time.
  • Australian Made