Ultra-sensitive Vibration Detector circuit 'listens' to vibrations in the ground. Ever received reports of Footsteps? You can place this kit inside or outside and watch the changing LEDs to see if there is someone or something coming. The closer it gets, the higher the LED reading. You can also detect bangs and creaks in the floors or walls. Have you ever had reports of the bed shaking or vibrating, you can place this device on the head board or bed frame and fix a camera on it through out the investigation, the LEDs with light up the moment Vibration or movement occurs.

This Pro Vibration Detector was made by Apparition Technologies which is Australia's leading paranormal equipment manufacturer.

What’s the difference between this and our other Vibration Detector?

This is controlled by a microprocessor that is programmed by us to display vibrations where all other vibration detectors on the market use an IC chip.

But using the microprocessors we are able to show vibrations that are 20 times smaller than before and show them in equal steps ( Linear).

The Pro Vibration Detector also self-calibrates for about 2 seconds when you first turn it on, shown via a small LED that will flash and turn solid once calibrated.

This version is also adjustable! By changing the position of the dial it changes the sensitivity programmed in the chip.

There are a fair few more technical differences between this one and the others on the market.

Main Features

  • Sound Alarm that can be turned on or off.
  • Self-calibrating.
  • 20 times more sensitive.
  • Adjustable.Built in battery compartment.