This section is showing video footage captured from investigations we have done thus far. We have broken down any footage into small clips which have not been enhanced in anyway.




Still taken by Tammy when Nath had the entity speak through him in Room 6 ( Oliver Cromwell's Room )

Still taken by Tammy about the same time see the energy which is forming on Nath's back.

Taken by Tammy in the main bar area very strange indeed.

Camcorder still taken by Tammy almost apparition like very unusual

Location 1 Ground Floor Living Room.

 This was taken with the static tripod mounted camcorder see the orb in the top right corner.

 This was taken by our roving camcorder women Tammy hear the bottle top as it fly's off the kitchen work top landing on the floor! Nobody is present everyone is in the next room.

 This was filmed by Tammy , but you can hear Clare as she communicates with tapping sounds which seem to indicate a response.