SPI has gained yet another item to add to our already extensive list of equipment for use on our investigations please click the photo below to find out more

The SPI feature in a news report from The Argus please click the below to view the PDF version of this report.


The SPI team were on hand to show the patrons of St Mary's Gate Inn some of the investigation footage which was captured from our investigation earlier this year. A number of people were also invited into the very active Room 6 ( Cromwell's Room ) to be shown some of the equipment we use , and to learn a little more about our investigation and group. The SPI team would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Terry Bedford and his wife Helen for inviting us over for the night . We would also like to mention how fantastic Helen's pumpkins were on the night.

SPI has been lucky enough to be able to purchase more equipment please click the below to find out more information.


It's now a year to the day that SPI carried out it's first investigation . We hope to carry out many more in the future.


SPI has taken out THIRD PARTY PUBLIC LIABLITY INSURANCE . Please for further information.


SPI has now introduced our testimonials page this is where you can see what people honestly think of our investigations that we have conducted please click the below link to find out more and see our latest testimonial.


Sussex Police Patrol Newpaper have done an acticle on the SPI please click the link below to find out more.


We here at SPI believe in conducting a thorough investigation with that in mind we have implemented three stages of how we carry out a paranormal investigation please to find out more.

We have now built another section of our website called the SPI Technical Pages feel free to explore this new area and perhaps learn something completely different. Please to enter!

SPI first link exchange with a another group from the Cambridge area!

SPI hopes to exchange links and build relationships with other groups in the future.

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