SPI would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. We have lots of new investigations planned for next year

SPI conducted an investigation due its sensitive nature . SPI has decided not to publish results of this investigation.

SPI celebrating 3 years of successfully investigating paranormal events in Sussex.

Sept 2008 - Sept 2011

The below anomorlous photo was taken on walkaround visit to Doomsday Church near Horsham prior to SPI doing a pre investigation visit at another local. This was taken by our very own Tammy Stevenson. Please click the photo to find out more.

The SPI website has been recognised by the Sussex History Forum as quoted by them "The website is also a good source of local history information!".Please click the below to find out more.


SPI is now listed on the directory of a leading publication Paranormal Magazine under Paranormal Research. Please click the below to find out more.


SPI has gained a very special camera for use on future investigations which is very experimental . We hope to get some good results on our upcoming investigations. Please click the below to find out more.