SPI would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year we will return with more investigations and equipment in 2014.

SPI have been featured in a local Devon newspaper along with our friends Hidden Realms. Please click the below to find out more.


Both of the below investigations were part of an SPI field trip to Bude, North Cornwall and were jointly investigated with the kind assistance of Hidden Realms. SPI would like to give a big thank you to everyone at Hidden Realms.

SPI technical has developed our mark 2 IR flood please click the below to find out more.

SPI carried out a very large investigation. Our client has opted to remain anonymous. We cannot disclose our investigation reports and evidence gathered on this occasion.

SPI has just received a Thermal Flashlight only recently released by Digital Dowsing please click the below to find out more.

Jack Upperton's Gibbet has come to SPI notice so we decided to revisit this very active location.

SPI has taken the decision to upgrade it's Full Spectrum digital camera this has been professionally converted by our company of choice Infraready who offer an excellent service. This is going to be our main Full Spectrum camera.

Please click the below to find out more.

SPI has investigated a private residence. We have taken the decision not to publish our results on this occasion.

The SPI website is now fully operational again and all the links work. Please explore our new website.


“SPI (Sussex Paranormal Investigators) has been formed to study and investigate paranormal activity, and to report in a clear and concise way what we have found by the use of our investigators and highly technical equipment. Our sole aim is to give a balanced view on evidence gathered and to present this to the public domain”.

We have already invested in a substantial amount of equipment for our upcoming investigations this year. We have been fortunate enough to have had one of our Sony camcorders professionally modified by Andy at Infraready , now that Sony no longer produces camcorders with the nightshot function. This has significantly affected paranormal groups in getting the much need equipment for ongoing research. Infraready are the only company in the UK who can modify most camcorders to Full Spectrum and they provide an excellent service and support no matter what the budget. Any serious paranormal investigator in the UK should consider having an Infraready modified camcorder/camera. SPI will be definitely purchasing more equipment from Infraready in the future. We recently used the Full Spectrum camcorder and it was fantastic in the dark, very sensitive. A great piece of equipment.

Infraready wish to thank Johan of SPI for his kind words.


This new piece of equipment has come all the way from Texas and has been made by Paranologies. Click the below to find out more.

Welcome to the new SPI website. Please be patient whilst we check everything is fully functional. We will update this page on completion. We hope you will enjoy our new website.

SPI has just invested in four new pieces of equipment which have come all the way from Apparition Technologies Austrilia's leading paranormal equipment manufacters. These are all custom made to order . We are also lucky enough to have acquired the latest EM Pump V2.2. Please click the below to find out more.

SPI has just had a HD Camcorder professionally converted by the below company to Full Spectrum for our upcoming investigations this year.

Please click the below to find out more. 

Our first investigation of the year was called off due to the current weather conditions and will be rescheduled for later next month. Other news we have a new SPI Investigator who is joining our group their profile will follow shortly. SPI has invested in some new updated equipment which will be arriving in the coming weeks to aid us on investigations this year.Please revisit our website for future updates.