SPI welcomes two new additions to our team please click on the below to find out more about them!

The SPI feature in an articule from the Argus please click the below to view the PDF version of the articule.

SPI are proud to announce the appointment of two new investigators Chelsea Hill and Sian Gregory who have both shown real promise and will be a big asset to SPI. We would like to wish them every success in their new positions. We will be updating our team page in the near future!

SPI would like to sincerely apologise for the lack of recent updates! We have been very busy behind the scenes getting new investigations through our flyer nights. SPI Technical decided with the Temp Pods to make them personal issue so every SPI investigator has one no matter where they are. The last few batches are still in production but should be ready soon. New technical projects are scheduled for later this year!

SPI has developed and built ambient air temperature pods for use on investigations. Please click the below to find out more.

SPI placed an order back early December for one these to add to our already extensive range of equipment. The new EM Vortex Ultimate from Apparition Technologies. Please click the below to find out more.

SPI Technical has just finished the final IR Flood to join our range the Mark 3 these have been specially designed for outside locations when maximum IR light is required please click the below to find out more.