I am a single male 39 years old, I am half Dutch and half English but was born here and have lived in Hove for over twenty years now. I work for a DAF commercial truck dealer as a Warranty Administrator in Shoreham and have been there since September 2015 .I have served as Special Constable for 7 years with the Hove Division. I am also into computers and technology, my latest creation is this website you are now visiting. I have always had a curiosity about the paranormal even from an early age.  I like to review the evidence and have an open mind about what has occurred never ruling out anything. Two years ago, I was a founder member of another paranormal group, but I left that group last year. In autumn 2008, I met up with Clare, Tammy and Nathan and SPI was formed - SPI has evolved and is now reformed with a new crew this year. I like the fact it is a small friendly down to earth group which I think make’s us unique and able to carry out investigations in smaller less accessible locations. I think SPI is heading in the right direction for a group which is still very new to the paranormal scene, but has members with wide experience.I think this is a fantastic chance to be part of something so diverse and interesting . I am very much looking forward to visiting new and uncharted locations with this great group of people which I have been so lucky to meet.